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Scholarly Journal Articles

Scholarly Book Chapter

  • Barnes, M. F. (1996).  Sex therapy in the couples context: Therapy  issues associated with victims of sexual trauma. American Journal of Family Therapy, 23(4), 366-375.

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  • Barnes, M. F. (1998).  Understanding the secondary traumatic stress of parents.  In C. R. Figley (Ed.), Burnout in Families:  Secondary Traumatic Stress in Everyday Life.  (pp. 75-89), Boca Raton:  CRC Press.

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  • Barnes, M. F. (2005).  When a child is traumatized or physically injured:  The secondary trauma of parents.  In D. R. Catherall (Ed.),Specific Stressors: Interventions with Couples and Families.  New York:  Brunner- Routledge.

Invited Submissions

  • Barnes, M. F. (2012).  Traumatized scientists.  In C. R. Figley (Ed.).  Encyclopedia of Trauma.  Thousand Oaks:  Sage.

  • Barnes, M. F. (2012).  Relapse prevention – PTSD.  In C. R. Figley (Ed.).  Encyclopedia of Trauma.  Thousand Oaks:  Sage.​

Non-Referred Publications

  • Barnes, M. F. (1989).  Children of alcoholics in the classroom.  Wellspring, 2(2),    19-20.

  • Barnes, M. F. (2017).  First impressions prove critical.  Addiction Professional,15(2), 26-34.

  • Barnes, M.F. (2018). Create a 'newer normal' to help families heal. Addiction Professional. 16(2), 26-31. 

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