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Foundry Treatment Center 
Steamboat Springs, CO 
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​Foundry Treatment Center - Steamboat. Yurts are a major part of our treatment environment. Each of our therapists has their own yurt that serves as their office, a place to do individual therapy or small group space. This is a picture of our group therapy yurt where all of our larger group sessions take place. We are currently waiting for the delivery of a new yurt that will be used exclusively for meditation and mindfulness groups and as a space for staff and clients to go for quiet reflection! 

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Ben Cort and Dr. Barnes Teaching United EMS Workers

Foundry Treatment Center and Valley Recovery sponsored training on addiction and trauma for union officers from the United EMS Workers Union, a part of AFSCME and AFL-CIO. Participants traveled to Los Angelis from New York City, Boston, and northern California. The training included: addiction, addiction levels of care, trauma continuum including compassion fatigue and organizational trauma, family trauma and addiction, and having difficult conversations with employees who are struggling with addiction. We took this project on in order to help our nation's first responders who deal with disproportionately high rates of substance use disorder and mental illness. We believe that education is the key to change!

The presentation team included: Ben Cort (Foundry Interim CEO), Dr. Mike Barnes (Foundry Chief Clinical Officer), Kevin Petersen, MA, LMFT (Family Therapist and Family Educator from Jacksonville, Florida and Denver, Colorado) and Keith Bradley (Interventionist and Founder of Love in Action Interventions).

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