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Michael Barnes Family Institute is Part of NRT Behavioral Health

I am pleased to announce that the Michael Barnes Family Institute (MBFI) at NRT Behavioral Health became official on January 1, 2024. NRT Behavioral Health provides trauma-integrated behavioral health services through a full continuum, including Addiction Treatment, detox, mental health, substance abuse treatment, and co-occurring disorders. NRT programs include Foundry Treatment Center Steamboat, Chrysalis Outpatient Services, and other programs in development. The MBFI provided services within the Foundry Steamboat Clinical Program from January 2020 to January 2024. I have turned over my position as Chief Clinical Officer at Foundry Treatment Center, Steamboat Springs, to Jasmine Aranda, MA, LAC, LPC. Jasmine is employee #2 at Foundry Steamboat, and we have worked together for the past seven years to evolve the Foundry Trauma-Integrated treatment program. I am currently focusing on MBFI program development and marketing family services nationally for NRT. I will continue to serve as NRT Senior Clinical Advisor and member of the NRT leadership team.

Thanks to everyone for their consistent support of this passion project! It is truly appreciated!

Integrating Family Services into Trauma Integrated Addiction Treatment Services.


In January 2020, Dr. Mike Barnes, the Foundry's Chief Clinical Officer, developed a theoretical and practice model for honestly treating addiction as the chronic and family-based disease that we have espoused for decades.  Within this process, integration of family services into the core clinical model was critical. For this to become a reality, it would be essential to learn from information found in existing models of chronic disease management. 


I was thinking about how best to maximize treatment outcomes and create a healing environment that would allow clients and their families to move into recovery together. I sat down and put on paper my thoughts about how best to develop a new family program that integrates family services into the Foundry's Trauma Integrated Addiction Treatment services. In traditional treatment services, family programming has been maintained as a peripheral service, in which families are educated on addiction as a chronic disease and challenged to identify and change family interaction patterns that have served to maintain the addiction rather than help to resolve it. 


Program Format

Getting to Steamboat Springs is not an easy process. Especially in the winter months. Given the fact that we work with families from across the United States and beyond, all program activities are carried out using Zoom. This allows family members from different cities to participate.

Family 101: Education & Engagement


Who Can Attend

  • Family members of individuals who are actively involved in treatment and who believe they need additional education, coaching, and support. Treatment can be in any treatment program in the country or world.

  • Family members of individuals who are not in treatment, but the family believes they need to be in treatment. These are families that are preparing for an intervention.

  • When a family enters this program, we welcome parents, partners, siblings (as young as 14), extended family members, etc.


Weekly Program Activities

1. Weekly Video Educational Series (90 Minutes)

2. Multi-Family Support Group (90 Minutes)

3. Weekly Family Session including Client in Treatment (60 Minutes)

4. Weekly Summary/Education Session – (90 Minutes).                                                          Review the topic for the week, answer questions about the topic, and identify lessons learned.

Weekly Topics

  • Week A:  Addiction as a chronic disease

  • Week B:  Trauma 101

  • Week C:  Impact of Addiction and Trauma on Family Function

  • Week D:  Keys for Family Healing: Moving from “Normal” to “A Newer Normal.”

  • Week E:  Family Trauma, Boundaries, Enabling, and Other Protective Factors.


The goal is to assist the family through education, coaching, and support.

Family 201: Assessment and Integrating Insights and New Experiences, Building Resilience Through New Interactional Patterns


Who Can Attend:

  • Families that have completed all sessions of Family 101

  • If the individual who was or continues to participate in treatment, is actively working on a recovery plan, that individual will be invited to participate in the family healing process.

  • If individuals are not in treatment or have not decided to enter recovery, each family will discuss who should attend with your family coach.

Weekly Program Activities

  • 12 Week program

  • Weekly 60-minute Family Session including the “client”

  • Multifamily Support Group  

                                                                                                                                                              Goals and Objectives:

  • Facilitate family discussion to honestly address the impact of addiction, trauma, and family history on each family member.

  • Build increased family resilience

  • 3 Generation Assessment, Genogram, Assess 5 R’s, Family Life Cycle Assessment

  • Develop a new family Healing Story

Get In Touch:
Please call (970) 517-4469 to speak confidentially with a Michael Barnes Family Institute team member.

To experience some of the information that is used in Family 101 and Family 102, go to Dr. Barnes' YouTube Channel and watch videos. Click the following link to access the channel.  Michael F Barnes PhD MAC LPC - YouTube

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