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Integrating Family Services into Foundry Trauma Integrated Treatment Services.

In January 2021, Dr. Mike Barnes, the Foundry's Chief Clinical Officer, developed a theoretical and practice model for honestly treating addiction as the chronic and family-based disease that we have espoused for decades.  Within this process, integration of family services into the core clinical model was critical. For this to become a reality, it would be essential to learn from information found in existing models of chronic disease management. 


I was thinking about how best to maximize treatment outcomes and create a healing environment that would allow clients and their families to move into recovery together. I sat down and put on paper my thoughts about how best to develop a new family program that integrates family services into the Foundry's Trauma Integrated Addiction Treatment services. In traditional treatment services, family programming has been maintained as a peripheral service, in which families are educated on addiction as a chronic disease and challenged to identify and change family interaction patterns that have served to maintain the addiction rather than help to resolve it. 

Phase 1 (Family 101): Education and Engagement (5 Weeks)

1. Weekly Video Educational Series (90 Minutes)

2. Multi-Family Support Group (90 Minutes)

3. Weekly Family Session including Client in Treatment (60 Minutes)

4. Weekly Summary/Education Session – (90 Minutes).                                    Review the topic for the week, answer questions about the topic,         and identify lessons learned.

Weekly Topics

  • Week A:  Addiction as a chronic disease

  • Week B:  Trauma 101

  • Week C:  Impact of Addiction and Trauma on Family Function

  • Week D:  Keys for Family Healing: Moving from “Normal” to “A Newer Normal.”

  • Week E:  Family Trauma, Boundaries, Enabling, and other Protective Factors.


The goal is to assist the family through education, coaching, and support.

Phase 2 (Family 201): Assessment and Integrating Insights and New Experiences, Building Resilience Through New Interactional Patterns

•12 Week program

•Weekly 60-minute Family Session including the “client”                                                                                                                                                              Goals and Objectives:

  • Facilitate family discussion to honestly address the impact of addiction, trauma, and family history on each family member.

  • Build increased family resilience

  • 3 Generation Assessment, Genogram, Assess 5 R’s, Family Life Cycle Assessment

  • Develop a new family Healing Story

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