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Dr. Barnes draws on 40 years of experience to offer readers a transformative perspective on addiction and trauma within families. 



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My 41 years as a counselor, clinical supervisor, counselor educator, and program administrator have informed my specialty in treating the impact of trauma, addiction, and life-threatening illness on individuals, couples, and families. 

Despite our best efforts, these life-changing issues are difficult to solve. The longer people live with the problem, the more normal the anxiety, pain, and fear become, and the harder it is to gather the energy and insight needed to make the changes required to restore overall health. Over time, lives and relationships that were once satisfying and joyful become painful and conflicted.

I often hear families say that they wish their loved one would get sober so the family can return to normal! The longer an individual and their family live with active addiction and trauma, a new normal has already formed. There is no going back to normal. There is only going forward to creating a "newer," healthier normal! Therefore, successful therapy is built on a foundation of client and family acceptance, hope, honesty, and the willingness to engage in difficult conversations. Healing occurs when individuals and their family members can move beyond the thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and behaviors that maintain their problems and begin to engage in new thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and behaviors that promote healing!

The Michael Barnes Family Institute @NRT and Barnes Education and Consulting can help you and your family navigate through the difficult process of change and growth.

--Dr. B.

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